Waste Management Systems

In collaboration with JSW Foundation we have set up pioneering waste management systems in two village clusters in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area. These projects have effectively demonstrated solutions to the wicked problem of managing daily household waste.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region has more than 1000 villages. The rural beauty of these villages is marred by the site of overflowing community garbage bins, burning waste, waste lying around roads. And amidst this rag pickers foraging for material of economic value. 

With financial support from JSW Foundation we worked in Vasind and Dolvi and set up systems which have become talking points in the respective regions and have become very practical and doable guides for other villages to emulate. The projects provide very accurate thumb rules for the amount of effort required to collect and manage waste at a unit level of 1000 families. 

We have created wonderful new friends in the process, providing very satisfying and learning employment opportunities. And received appreciation from the community.

These projects meet a number of SDG goals besides tackling plastic pollution and helping mitigate air pollution and climate harming emissions.