Safai Bank of India

The program is developed around students – school and college – and them taking responsibility for the multi-laminated packaging waste generated by them and their family. If every family was responsibly disposing its own waste then the work of the city authorities would become much easier.

Just like a regular Bank, Safai Bank has account holders, a physical space for a branch and staff. Students who wish to be responsible towards their waste will open an account with a Branch and once in a week visit the branch and deposit their waste.

The Educational Institutes which agree to open branches will function once in a week only on a designated day and hours. The institute will provide a small space consisting of two tables and a few chairs to the Branch staff to sit and accept the deposits from the account holders. They could need an electricity connection for their devices and also a space protected from the weather elements. The institutes will also provide a storage space for storing the collected waste which will be cleared once in a month.

The waste stored at the Branches is collected once in a month and transported to the City Depot. At the City Depot waste from a number of Branches is stored. At the City Depot the waste will get sorted and baled and ready for final disposal either in road making or a cement kiln.

The complete system is run on an IT backend where all the deposits by the Account Holders are recorded accurately and available to the account holders for viewing in an e-passbook online. The Branch Managers have logins which allows them to access the system and make deposits.